[time-nuts] HP5065 - Some OP-Amp, FB and Teflon ...

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I am *not* an expert on the HP5065...  In fact, I just joined so I could
learn a bit more about precision timekeeping... have various reasons for
wanting a precision clock on the bench, and trying to figure things out.

So, the following is based on past experience with similar replacements, in
other devices.    I looked up the schematic for the 5065A, couldn't find
the OPA111 anywhere, so I can't be extremely specific, but:

The LT1793 in particular is marketed as a drop-in replacement for the
OPA111, although some of the specs seem worse.

TI points people toward the OPA124 and OPA627 parts.     In particular the
OPA627 is interesting in that it's available in the same TO-99 package that
the OPA111 is... and has similar specs.

I was hoping to locate the OPA111 on the schematic to at least try to
understand how it was used.   If you could point me to where it is found, I
might (50% chance) be able to be more helpful as well.

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 11:37 PM, Ulf Kylenfall via time-nuts <
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> Corby,
> Thanks for the information. I was not aware of the relocated resistor.
> Yes, it is the DC feed-throughs.
> Any thaughts on a possible replacement for OPA111?
> I have also duplicated the revised A7 AC-Amplifier boardusing film
> capacitors for the notch filters and modernOP-Amps. Since I have one old A7
> board as spare, I caneasily compare the performance.
> BR
> Ulf Kylenfall - SM6GXV
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