[time-nuts] HP5065 - Some OP-Amp, FB and Teflon

Ulf Kylenfall ulf_r_k at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 13:52:26 EST 2017

Your comments regarding my hobby project are appreciated.
The story behind the first 5065A that I was able to bring back to life was that I encountered it when I was 13 yearsold in 1968, taking part in the schools intern programme (first experience about what a job was and what engineersdo in their work). I was given a tour of the Onsla Space Observatory and the 5065A, the pride of the observatorywas shown to me. (I was not allowed to touch it.) In the late 90's it was decomissioned because of the burned Rubidium cavityheater and would eventually have gone into the recycling container had I not salvaged it almost 50 years later.

(I found the OPA111 link in one of the answers in the thread and purchased the remaining 3 pieces.)
Ulf - SM6GXV

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