[time-nuts] 1pps isolation

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Fri Sep 1 16:24:39 EDT 2017

to get galvanic isolation, how about just using a pulse or RF transformer?
the 1pps tick itself is very narrow, even though the PRF is slow, so a good quality
pulse transformer/balun, or a few turns on a good fast ferrite core or similar 
should work fine.

I can't speak to the resulting adev degradation, but fast ferrites are common, 
and hopefully the
resulting rise/fall time degradation would not be too ugly or asymmetrical.  I 
have used off the shelf MCL 50 ohm 1:1 isolation transformers to pipe 10Mhz 
around the lab where ground loops and distance are an issue, and seen no obvious 
timing problems as a result.

by the way, I have several racks of multiport 1pps buffers, from some kind of 
networked timing standard, they are looking for a new home if anybody can use them.

all the best,

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