[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Feed Line Decision

Ian Stirling is at opus131.com
Mon Sep 4 00:31:50 EDT 2017

On 09/02/2017 02:57 PM, Clay Autery wrote:
> Having decision-making problems for the materials for my GPS main
> feedline.  Going to use a TM LMR stock, just can't decide how big to go
> with it...

  I have a modest 26dB antenna on a six feet pole of plastic piping, the piping is
strapped to my deck post. The antenna is probably ten feet high added to my deck.
I use a 40' RG6 that my Comcast chap overestimated, and he said, "Just use it as you need."
I measured the theoretical 1.4 SWR with as pretty much dead on. So long as my GPS boxes
agree with consumer time, as measured by the cheap "atomic" clocks from super cheap vendors,
I am happy with the set up. I have no need of phase and jitter, so long as they average out.

  I just had to buy some "F" connectors and use adapters to convert to the GPS 50 ohm inputs.
Works like a charm. And good enough for me.

Best wishes,

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