[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Feed Line Decision

Wes wes at triconet.org
Mon Sep 4 18:19:16 EDT 2017

I'm dating myself again but when I was employed at Hughes Aircraft we had an HP 
salesman dedicated to servicing just us.  So most everything came direct from 
them or Wiltron.  I liked traveling to HP events with him.  Hughes had a miserly 
expense reporting process.  His was, "I count the money in my wallet before I 
leave.  I count it again when I get back.  The difference is my expense."


.  On 9/4/2017 2:26 PM, Bob kb8tq wrote:
> Hi
> A lot depends on just which outfit you buy your attenuators from. There
> certainly *are* outfits out there that supply you just over 20 db RL when
> the spec is 20. They also don’t charge very much for their attenuators ….
> Bob

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