[time-nuts] Very large X9.2 solar flare.

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Thu Sep 7 03:28:50 EDT 2017

When I saw the OP I did a quick check of my GPS receivers status. One of them, a Jackson Labs M2M replacement (actually a U-blox M8T) had just reset and gone to a 111ms offset.
Was that due to the CME?
Was it one of Murphy’s laws « Looking for problems actually creates them » ?
Or a result of Heisenberg’s principle in the macroscopic domain « You can’t measure something without disturbing it » ? 

> Le 7 sept. 2017 à 09:08, Andy <AI.egrps+tn at gmail.com> a écrit :
>> The flare has been and gone!.......is this another case of journalists
>> mixing up a flare with a CME ?
> There was some of both.  SDO saw a flare, STEREO saw a CME.
> Andy
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