[time-nuts] Very large X9.2 solar flare.

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 7 12:57:37 EDT 2017

On 9/7/17 8:35 AM, David G. McGaw wrote:
> No, the flare also produced a CME, which is expected to reach us
> tomorrow and may (hopefully?) trigger a G-3 class geomagnetic storm.
> http://www.spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=07&month=09&year=2017

Oh ho, ANOTHER CME... why we're just seeing bunches of them

> David N1HAC
> Dartmouth College
> Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
> Space Physics Group
> (Yes, I am a rocket scientist.)
> On 9/7/17 10:47 AM, jimlux wrote:
>> On 9/6/17 2:46 PM, David G. McGaw wrote:
>>> It also produced a CME.  Read the note on spaceweather.com.
>>> David N1HAC
>>> On 9/6/17 5:19 PM, Alan Melia wrote:
>>>> The flare has been and gone!.......is this another case of journalists
>>>> mixing up a flare with a CME ?
>>>> Alan
>>>> G3NYK
>> CME was earlier this week, whether it is connected to the subsequent
>> flare, or it's just coincidence is a question of heliophysics.
>> This is somewhat poorly understood - in fact, in a few years (2021 -
>> NASA funding willing) we're going to put some satellites into orbit
>> above GEO to look at radio emissions (Type II radio bursts) from the
>> sun connected with CMEs.  Time-nuts connection is that we're going to
>> be doing interferometry among the multiple satellites which means the
>> independent recordings have to be time synchronized for processing.
>> We're planning on using GPS satellites on the "other side" of the
>> earth, grazing the limb, and a suitably stable onboard oscillator.  I
>> don't imagine I have to explain the general timing concept to this
>> particular crowd<grin>.
>> The idea is that we can see more of the physics of the creation and
>> emission of the CME, and more importantly, *where* the changes are
>> occurring as the CME evolves.
>> CMEs, as the name implies, occur in the corona.  Flares are tied to
>> sunspots, and occur in the surface or deeper.  Granted, both phenomena
>> are all tied up in twisting lines of magnetic fields, so there may be
>> some relationship among them.
>> I'm just learning all this heliophysics stuff - all I have to do is
>> build, launch, and operate the satellites - Top women and men on the
>> science team will do the physics with the data.
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