[time-nuts] Sphere Stuff Day event coming in October

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Tue Sep 12 17:09:47 EDT 2017

It's that time again, just too much stuff, and not enough room at Sphere. For 
time nuts, I have precision oscillators, HP counters and spare boards, and all 
kinds of Time Code stuff.

I was just over at Okanagan College, and they would be interested in another 
stuff day event for the students and instructors this fall. It will take me 
about 3 weeks to organize the stuff, that means October. The saturdays are 7, 
14, 21 and 28. *The big question is WHAT Saturday???*

First, anybody interested in helping with the event?  moving and checking gear, 
setting up, etc. and, can anybody come from far away, and if so, *what is the 
best weekend to do it? the date is not important to me, so it can be 100% to 
suit you guys. *

I have a lot of gear to get rid of, plus tons of free parts again. A big pile of 
Boonton power meters, sensors and cables, a sweet looking P11 (blue) Tek 7903 
with a 7L12 spectrum analyzer in it, working great, will add a high speed 
vertical to it.  Many 56X series bits, frames and plug ins, dirt cheap $20 for a 
frame, $5 for a plug in, 7K and 11K Tek stuff, including a beautiful 7704A I 
somehow killed by replacing the fan. many high end scopes for $50 that need some 
repair (including a Tek 485 that is mostly good, including the CRT and HV), some 
very good units, but just no time or space to work on them until I clear out 
some space. all kinds of RF/microwave stuff including variable attenuators, 
loads, fixed attenuators, stub and cavity tuners, circulators. and neatest of 
all, some fantastic stereo microscopes, these are killer high end Olympus and 
other lab units, very reasonable. also lots of high quality DMMs, overhauled and 
cal'd for very little money, including a very nice fluke 45 dual display unit, 
with traceable cal!  also some top of the line LIndstrom/Excelta and Swanstrom 
professional cutters and pliers, production surplus, mint condition and new. I 
have had my Lindstrom diagonals for 40+ years, still work great.  I also have 
known good HP 432A sensor cables. Plus, the usual leads, RF cables, scope probes 
and so forth.

Let me know if this works for you guys, and *when*, and I will organize 
accordingly.  Everybody will get a free 5V/5A modular power supply, which is 
always handy, plus I have tons of free wall warts of all kinds, just cart them 
away! Plus the giant semiconductor vat for snorkeling, lots of great stuff in 
there, from DACs to RF.  I also have some very high quality speakers, up to 6x9" 
size, and little cheesy ones, as well as thousands (yes, actually K's) of fans 
of all kinds.

I would invite the local amateurs to come as well to sell, but they do not seem 
very motivated (jammed out twice already), but anybody *else* with stuff to sell 
or give away is totally welcome, and I can provide power!

if the weather rains (hard to imagine so far, but you never know), it will all 
be inside, rain or shine.

all the best,

Walter Shawlee 2, President
Sphere Research Corporation
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