[time-nuts] Symmetricom S200 Antenna Disgnostic and Replacement Recommendation

John Laur johnlaur at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 14:08:59 EDT 2017


Does anyone have a good recommendation for an inexpensive but effective
replacement antenna for a Symmetricom/Microsemi S200 or S250? These units
use a 12V receiver and also have an antenna open/good/short status alarm.

My antenna recently went to showing open alarm and the receiver will no
longer lock. I purchased an inexpensive marine-type antenna which appeared
to be 12V tolerant but triggers the short alarm.

I know that it is possible that the antenna could be fine like this and the
alarm could be ignored, but even still I would prefer that the antenna
current alarm remain functional. Does anyone have a recommendation for an
effective but inexpensive antenna that tolerates 12V and consumes an
appropriate amount of current to pacify the alarm? In the event that my
antenna was damaged by something like a nearby lightning strike that also
could have damaged the receiver, I would prefer to at least test with an
appropriate antenna before either risking more damage or deciding to
attempt a more invasive repair.

Thanks for any info!
John Laur K5IT

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