[time-nuts] True Position GPSDP + Rb X72

Stephan Flor spflor at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 14:09:16 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,I'm new to this list, and I wanted to get the opinion of some mere experienced people on my project idea.I just got a Symmetricom X72 Rb oscillator, and I have a True position GPSDO on the way.  I wan't to have a self calibrating 10 MHz signal to synchronize my hobby rf lab equipment.
My idea is to make a GPS disciplined Rubidium oscillator, by removing the crystal oscillator ans substituting the X72 in the GPSDO circuit.I would just have to make a op amp circuit to change the 0 to 4v correction signal from the True Position, to a 0 to 5v signal for the X72.
The X72 seems to work well, 10.000000 MHz on my HP 5350B, last calibrated by the US Navy in 1994. I just ordered the True position, from China, so I won't see that for a while, then I need to get it working.
What do you think? Good idea or waste of time?  Will the True Position software be able to cope with the change? I haven't done any programming is at least 20 years, so, I hope I can do this with hard ware.
Also, does anyone have ideas for a low cost 10 MHz 50 ohm distribution amp? 

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