[time-nuts] True Position GPSDP + Rb X72

ewkehren ewkehren at AOL.com
Sun Sep 24 01:06:36 EDT 2017

Starting with a 10 second clean up loop for a FEI 5680/GPSDO to now 600 Seconds using Wenzel's j circuit for the Tbolt we have a variety of boards. I am presently out of country but when back will gladly attach some board designs, material cost is minimal  if there is interest.Bert Kehren

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kb8tq at n1k.org said:
> If the main use is feeding test gear (and not direct synthesis) an Rb may do
> pretty well. Most instruments assume a dirty reference signal and clean it
> up internally.  

What's the bandwidth on the typical cleanup PLL?  How well does that match 
the noise from a Rb?

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