[time-nuts] Fw: Skytraq / GPS Almanac

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Sep 27 16:19:07 EDT 2017

Status -- all is back to normal with GPS as of this morning. At least for now, the folks that run GPS appear to have reversed the change made last week that triggered latent bugs in some receivers. A note from Said just now:

> Hi Tom,
> Would you mind posting to Time nuts that this is a confirmed IODC MSB
> non-zero weird-but-legal-behavior/issue, and that this seems to have been
> corrected as of this morning?
> Notwithstanding that it seems the GPS system has fixed the "anomaly"
> this morning, we confirmed that the fix works (on live-sky signals last evening)
> and are still implementing the fix here, and have received confirmation that
> Skytraq also fixed it moving forward.
> We have confirmed that other products in our library such as our Rockwell
> Collins and uBlox receivers did not find offense at the signal. I wonder how
> Trimble units faired?
> Thanks,
> Said

Trimble, Motorola, ublox, everyone was fine -- except for Skytraq, as far as I know.

Thanks again to Jay Grizzard for making this a quick & fun anomaly to observe. I'd like to imagine Said's quick posting to time-nuts and Jay's dramatic plots helped in some way to bring attention and resolution.



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