[time-nuts] time-nuts Digest, Vol 158, Issue 32 8 am GPS glitch Ideas

Andre Andre at Lanoe.net
Sat Sep 30 00:41:15 EDT 2017

Something sitting on the antenna at certain times ? ie a pigeon or seagull.. 
Also electrical interference is a good possibility, I found that an SDR is a good general diagnostics method.
Mine now has a chip antenna swiped from an oooooooold Wifi dongle (2002) which helps a lot around 1 GHz and above
so should be fine for sniffing out interfering devices.
It might just be someone's cheap imported LED light bulb or similar.

Once per day (about 8am) something disturbs the system.  So, the GPSDO spends much of its time recovering and never gives me anywhere near the performance that this system is capable of.  I would think that it is not the PRS-10 as it has no knowledge of time.  I would also think that it is not the GPS system or receiver, since the GPS constellation repeats twice per day.

Kind of the two things that I am left with are a glitch by the power company every morning (there is some large industrial machinery across the street (but then I would kind of expect glitches at 8am and 5pm), and perhaps Lady Heather doing something funny.  This system has been running for quite some time, I have not tried restarting Lady Heather yet.

Anybody seen anything like this, or have any good ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Skip Withrow

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