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Sat Feb 3 18:31:16 EST 2018

In message <31183984-ed9d-60e1-6528-76dfde5f3f27 at rubidium.dyndns.org>, Magnus D
anielson writes:

>The slots and thus the remaining bridges seems to have been a relatively
>simple stage of the process. Orientation of the blank seems to have been
>simple. The shapes for the electrodes seems to have been worse.

I heard a talk about "microfluidic system production" last year,
those are basically hydraulic systems on micrometer scale, mostly
for medical diagnostic applications.

There was some banter about available tools[1] and some of the ones
mentioned immediately rang the "BVA" bell in my mind.

It sounded to me like there are machines commercially available
today which could spit out very repeatable BVA assemblies in one
single operation.

I have no idea if the result would actually work and be on frequency,
or for that matter, where I can borrow one of those machines, but...

The prices mentioned were not prohibitive in the context, you would
break even well before a thousand units at the prices mentioned.


[1] Surprising to me is that modern dentists are highly kitted for
CNC-ing very hard ceramic materials at high precision.

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