[time-nuts] unidentified HF time pips

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Sun Feb 4 17:31:32 EST 2018

For some time there have been occasional reports of time pips on a 
number HF frequencies other than the well known CHU, WWV, (etc...) signals.

For example 10140, 10145, 7040, 7065, 7105, 7120 kHz and likely others.

The pips are approximately 15 to 16ms in duration and appear to locked 
to UTC but unlike WWV or CHU they are continuous minute by minute.

Assuming the pips are synchronized to UTC, simply time of arrival with 
all of its issues on HF plus signal strength seems to indicated a source 
in North America.

The frequencies and time of activity might indicate that it is some 
amateur radio operator playing around  but it might not be, the amateur 
10MHz frequencies is shared with other users. The pips seem to be 
transmitted at a fairly high power level.

I know there is ongoing testing of eLoran and other initiatives 
researching GPS backup systems.

Anyone aware of any group doing any such testing which might be found on 
HF like this?

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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