[time-nuts] Heathkit GC 1000 Most Accurate Question

Alexander Pummer alexpcs at ieee.org
Mon Feb 5 18:00:19 EST 2018

Hi Bill,

where are you located? since something like that, would be a perfect 
"therapy" for me, because I am always buying "all kind of junk" [my 
wife's opinion, but it is very close to the reality ] and after I fixed 
it and played with played with them don't know what to do with it...and 
it is true, well, if you are not to fare from me-- because of the 
shipping costs --- I am in the Bay Area in California, I could fix it 
for you




On 2/5/2018 8:19 AM, Bill Baker via time-nuts wrote:
> I own a Heathkit GC 1000 Most Accurate Clock.  It's in terrific shape but not used for many years.  It has stopped locking up to WWV and sometimes freezes up.  Can any of our "nuts" repair it?  Anyone want to buy it?
> Bill, w1bkr at aol.com
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