[time-nuts] Anyone have experience with this antenna?

John Green wpxs472 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 22:33:59 EST 2018


Listed on eBay as a L1/L2 antenna with decent specs. They seem to indicate
it is as good as a choke ring antenna. I suspect it is just a patch in a
fancy package. That is what the Leica and Trimble survey grade antennas I
have contain anyway. I bought one but haven't had the chance to do any
testing. I couldn't figure out how to get to the insides to take a peek
without damaging it. My antenna testing abilities are pretty feeble.
Mostly, I will just compare it to the Leica and Trimble to see how many
satellites it sees and look at position wander of the uBlox. Is there any
simple way to judge the quality of a GPS antenna?

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