[time-nuts] Receiving the MSF time signal on cheap radio modules

Deirdre O'Byrne deirdre.dub at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 16:14:59 EST 2018

> Splitting the MSF received signal into 100ms chunks, all of the seconds
> apart from the start-of-minute marker are of the form 0AB11111. Using "x"
> to represent a 100ms chunk whose value could not be determined, I notice
> that many of the received seconds were of the form "0AB1x111" or "0AB11x11"
> etc - i.e. there was only one 100ms chunk within the second whose value
> could not be reliably determined and whose value was non-critical.

Ooops - apologies - this referred to another algorithm I investigated, and
makes no sense in the context of this algorithm.

Still I believe a blame algorithm would recover a lot of lost data. It
would require a shift register 1,200 wide - with each slot representing the
value during a 100ms interval from achosen edge.


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