[time-nuts] Looking for WJ YIG Tuned GaAs Osc. (YTO)

NE8S [G.W. Ko] Doc ne8s at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 8 12:50:53 EST 2018

Hello, fellow time-nuts, hope all is well with all of you,

I am looking for a Watkins-Johnson WJ-5008-104 YIG Tuned GaAs Oscillator 8.00 to 12.40 GHz


a Stoddart-Singer-Ailtech-Carnel Labs NM-67 Microwave Receiver for parts only.

If you can help or send me any leads the contact email is dr.ko at fcc.ms

Please keep replies, contacts and comments off-line and directed to my email provided.

Many thanks!

Doc, NE8S

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