[time-nuts] Receiving the MSF time signal on cheap radio modules

jks at jks.com jks at jks.com
Thu Feb 8 16:12:01 EST 2018

> Hal Murray wrote:

> If the two signals are not encoded identically, there should be an 
> interesting signal when one of the transmitters is off and the other is on.  
> Has anybody looked for that sort of pattern?

> Is there a map of the dead spots?  Any time-nuts live in/near one?

Yes. Here is a screenshot of roughly equal strength JJY and WWVB as received in New Zealand around 10 PM local time on a KiwiSDR.

Due to the timing reversal of the pulses from each station this results in solid carrier during the data bit times (no matter the bit combination: 00, 01, 10, 11) as the signals are added. The marker pulses every 10 seconds give a 0.6 sec gap when both stations are at reduced-carrier. And the double marker at the minute boundary gives a 1.6 sec gap with a 0.4 sec pulse in the middle. I thought this was sort of amusing.

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