[time-nuts] eBay GPS antenna test results.

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Sun Feb 11 10:24:30 EST 2018


Well, good news / bad news I guess. The seller is at least responding to your
input. They also did not come back with something about “there is no voltage
spec”. It’s quite possible that they are the 5th person in a chain of sellers and
a substitution got made (unknown to them) at seller 3. 

I’d hook up a power supply, a current meter and a couple of clip leads. Shoot a
cell phone picture at 5V and one a second one at 10V. That’s all it should take. 
If you have more than one DVM, that would make things even more clear. 


> On Feb 11, 2018, at 9:07 AM, John Green <wpxs472 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I opened a "Not as listed" case and heard back from the seller. They said
> that the antenna is definitely 3.3 to 18 volts and have sold several that
> are in operation. They wanted to know specifically how I tested the
> antenna, why I thought it shorted, and if I actually ever hooked it to a
> GPS receiver. I answered as best I could but haven't heard anything
> further. eBay seems to like pictures or videos. Though problematic, I
> suppose I could take some pictures. I offered to do so in my response to
> the seller. They do seem a bit more responsive to buyer complaints than in
> previous years. I recently ordered a 64 Gb micro SD card from a US based
> seller. I got a message from eBay stating that they had removed the listing
> but that everything should be OK. I never received the SD card, and after a
> month, checked PayPal and saw that I had been charged for it. I contacted
> eBay and they refunded my money the next day.
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