[time-nuts] eBay GPS antenna test.

John Green wpxs472 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 08:00:29 EST 2018

Bob wrote:  Sitting here casually reading the data sheets for some of the
modern Trimble
survey receivers - they have gone to 7.2V (just below your 7.5V trigger
as an antenna supply voltage.

Who knows what that might imply relative to this antenna.

After getting my refund, I sent the seller a message saying that I would
buy another if he could assure me it would work at 12 volts. He replied
that he needed to get his hands on a couple and do some testing first. The
antenna that I received seems to be different to the one pictured in the
eBay listing. At least the labels are different. I get the feeling he is
kind of a third party dealing with someone in China who is wholesaling
antennas made by someone else. Who really knows what spec. these are made
to, or by who. In my former place of employment, we made an SMB terminator.
Basically, a 75 ohm resistor soldered across the pins of an SMB connector,
then molded in black plastic. We bought the connectors from a Chinese
supplier who supplied them in individual plastic bags. We had to cut the
parts out of the bags before processing, which added a labor step. We tried
to get the supplier to sell them to us packaged in bulk, but they refused.
We decided that they were actually buying them from someone else and just
doing a passthru. The connectors themselves would change from time to time,
which caused problems in molding, and sometimes caused the electrical
performance to degrade. Getting parts to reliably meet a specification from
China can be a problem. I can't even imagine the issues that could arise
when you try to source an assembly, or completed product.


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