[time-nuts] Furuno GT-8031 breakout board

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 16 12:50:09 EST 2018

No, the Tbolt does not have a separate receiver board... plus its' GPS is rather special... the RF chain is locked to the OCXO so it does not produce any sawtooth error.

The Lucent KS firmware expects the GPS to support the older 6/8 channel messages.   The newer 12 channel  messages are different.

BTW, I just did a Motorola M12 to Adafruit pinout board.  The M12 form factor and pinouts are also used by a lot of other timing receivers.  Why Adafruit?  Because it is breadboard friendly,  has enough pins for all the signals that one expects,  and my GPS to RS-232 adapter board has an Adafruit connector on it.


> Never having opened my TBolt, are the GT-8736 boards of use to replace the aging and partly deaf receiver in that? Or for a KS-24019?

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