[time-nuts] eBay GPS antennas

Stewart Cobb stewart.cobb at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 13:31:33 EST 2018

FYI, Antcom and AeroAntenna are two manufacturers of high-quality
American-made GPS / GNSS antennas. Antcom's datasheets are confusing to
read, and AeroAntenna hides theirs behind a customer-login barrier, so most
of eBay doesn't know exactly what they are. This means that good antennas
are often available cheap.

For example, any AeroAntenna whose part number starts with "AT2775" is a
dual-frequency L1/L2 GPS antenna. AT2775-42 is a near-survey-grade antenna,
and one of them is available right now (item 263500294711) at a starting
bid of $20, after expiring yesterday with no bids at $25.

Several other AT2775 antennas are on eBay for under $200. Any of these
would be excellent for time-nut purposes.

IMHO, Glonass coverage is not useful for precision timing. If you don't
have a good enough antenna installation to get continuous GPS coverage,
you're not really doing precision timing. If you are getting continuous GPS
coverage, Glonass doesn't add anything.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship to either company mentioned, other than
previously being a satisfied customer of both companies. I have no
connection to any sales currently listed on eBay.


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