[time-nuts] Furuno GT-8736 group buy status

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 17 16:28:08 EST 2018

You can get the connector for a lot less on Ebay.  I just bought 50 of them for my M12 adapter board (which would work with the Furuno).   Unless you do a PCB, wiring to the connector will be a rather painful, unreliable experience.


There are other sellers...

Also, Adafuit sells a pre-made ribbon cable with the connector on each end for $3.  You can cut the cable in half and separate/strip the conductors.  I was planning on shipping my M12 breakout board with male and female connectors (unmounted) so you can chose a rigid (female) or flexible cable (male) connection to the board.


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