[time-nuts] eBay GPS antenna test.

Trevor N. qb4 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 17 15:07:38 EST 2018

It's still extremely rare to see a low-priced used triple-frequency
antenna on ebay. For less than US$300 I've only spotted extremely
beat-up Zephyr Geodetic Model 2s and a few Leica AX1203+ GNSS (only
the "+GNSS" model is triple-frequency) (there is one up right now).

  I've seen at least one Zephyr 2 listing that had a picture of a
Zephyr 1 attached (look for the bigger bump in the top center on the
model 2).

I have yet to see a triple-frequency receiver for under $500....

John Green wpxs472 at gmail.com wrote:
>Just so people don’t get to down on eBay antennas:
>I have gotten some deals on eBay I just couldn't have gotten elsewhere.
>That is a nice looking antenna. A bit pricey for my budget. I thought just
>north of $100 for a used Leica choke ring job was about it. The Trimble
>antenna I got recently had issues, so I got it cheap and fixed the
>mechanical problems. I think I have one of those HP timing antennas I have
>heard mentioned here. I need to dig it up. I think I also have a PC Tel
>model around somewhere. I still haven't gotten the top off that Chinese
>made one that bit the dust at 12 volts. I need to get it apart somehow. I
>think it can probably be repaired. I can at least let the seller know what
>went bad.

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