[time-nuts] eBay GPS antennas

Trevor N. qb4 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 17 15:31:43 EST 2018

Javad charges an extra us$1500 for "GLONASS .2mm Dynamic Calibration"
of its triple-frequency timing receiver board:

(the TRE-3 appears to be the only triple-frequency part with the
"Precise Timing" option available (costs about $15k with all systems

Magnus Danielson wrote:
>A complicating factor with GLONASS is the frequency separation of the
>satellites which causes several aspects of calibration issues.
>I know they have changed operational aspects which have reduced
>uncertainty significantly. This is also something that have been worked
>at with the GPS system continuously.
>It's a bowl of mixed issues.
>However, the more systems and the more bands we use, the better we get
>at finding discrepancies and mitigate them. The "all" system and
>frequencies is however still very expensive.

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