[time-nuts] The "NAKED" 5065A optical unit

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Tue Feb 20 13:03:20 EST 2018


You do NOT want to take one apart to this level!

It's never going to operate again.

If you look at the lamp in the PIX you will see a white coil wrapped
around the bulb.

This is the tank for the 90Mhz drive and it sits cocked at a 45 degree

The lamp assy can be removed easily via 3 small screws and repaired or

The Lamp circuit is designed to put out a bit higher RF level and once
the lamp starts it drops down a bit.

I would question re-engineering the lamp circuit as it can easily reach
1.5X10-13th at 100 Sec stability and 5X10-14th at 100 Sec. with the
filter mod.

Unless you have a maser or BVA to compare against how will you know if
any modifications are going to help or hurt?

The only thing I replace even if it measures OK is the 1.33K resistor as
it will "crack" eventually and change value.

A 1.3K 5% 1W metal oxide works well.



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