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> Attached the schematic of the A9 my file of the picture is to large it is the
> integrator. 

Ah.. this looks significantly different than my 5065 service manual shows.

So, I guess you want to build a new board that replaces this?

Then i would go for the LTC6240HV with a +/-5V power supply.
I agree with Charles that you want to have low noise power supplies,
though I think using a much cheaper and easier to solder TPS7A49
together with an TPS7A3001 should be more than enough, considering
that the LTC6240HV has a PSRR of >80dB.

If you need more than +/-5V range for the EFC, I'd add an
LTC2057 or LT6018 as amplifier stage after the integrator,
powered from +/-15V.

An alternative design would be to use a discrete JFET/MOSFET
input stage together with an LT6018. But you'd need to select
your FET carefully, as it then would limit your 1/f noise and
determine your leakage current.

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