[time-nuts] Replacement A9 boards for the HP 5065A

Robert LaJeunesse lajeunesse at mail.com
Sat Feb 24 20:29:35 EST 2018

Not too long ago I designed an integrator for a piezoelectric force transducer. The customer wanted a rock-solid output after a step load on the transducer. The capacitor of choice was PPS, used in surface mount form and less than 0.5uF total capacitance. With a particular PCB material chosen for low moisture absorption the drift ended up being in the 200uV/minute range (4mV in 20 minutes!). The capacitor of choice was PPS, and Kemet uses that for its 4.7uF radial lead part number SMR15475J50B14L16.5CBULK. Not cheap, but it's what I'd look at first.

Bob L.

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> Subject: [time-nuts] Replacement A9 boards for the HP 5065A
... The integrator capacitor is a 1986 vintage TRW 5.0ufd 50V 10% .42"DX1.0"L
> axial.
...Just wanting to find a good modern replacement for its use. (Integrator
> with a 50ms time constant.)

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