[time-nuts] Replacement Backup Battery for 5065A?

Stan swperk at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 25 14:41:36 EST 2018

With all this recent 5065A talk I decided to pull mine out of storage and fire it up. After a little time to let everything warm up and settle in, I'm happy to report that it's working just fine!

My 5065A has the battery backup option, and the battery is the original one (1420-0066, Energy Sales p/n ES710, 25.2V 1.4 Ah). Not surprisingly, the battery is quite dead. Does anyone any insight about installing a more modern battery (SLA or NiMH, perhaps) that will fit in the battery compartment in the 5065A?

I've looked at a few small 12V/2.2Ah SLA batteries that are physically small enough that I should be able to fit a couple in the enclosure and connect them in series to get 24 volts out, but I want to wait until either I have assurance from someone with more experience than I that this will actually work, or a better idea about a more suitable replacement.


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