[time-nuts] Allan variance by sine-wave fitting

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Mon Feb 26 19:33:58 EST 2018


On 02/26/2018 08:42 PM, Gerhard Hoffmann wrote:
> Am 26.02.2018 um 20:20 schrieb Tom Van Baak:
>> Fun fact -- there's a wide spur at ~2 Hz on the 5065A phase noise
>> plot. What do you think that is? On a hunch I opened the front panel
>> and reset the blinking amber battery alarm lamp, and voila, that noise
>> went away. Makes sense when you think of the power variations
>> associated with a blinking incandescent lamp.
> There was a Tektronix sampler that had a few ps sampling jitter to the tune
> of a blinking LED on the mainframeĀ  :-)

I was just about to comment on that. The Tek 11803 / CSA803C TDR module
has a blinking LED with "HOT" TDR pulse. It however skews the timing so
a later firmware disabled the blinking.

Sadly to say, I don't have that FW on mine CSAs


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