[time-nuts] HP 107BR FS

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 27 21:51:48 EST 2018

I bought the HP 107BR from ebay.  It arrived very well packed and is as new on the inside and 9.5/10 on the exterior.  It requires a special A/N connector for the AC power.
I also bought the Artek CD and D/L rhe manual from the K4OOB site.  I discovered that my model is of a later revision than the manuals I found.  On ther ealier models there are pots for doing some adjustment of the inner and outer oven.  Everything else looks the same as the earlier models.
Asking $475 plus shipping from 92220. For the buyer I will upfront the shipping cost (FedEx) and then settle up later.
If interested, please generate an ORIGINAL email other wise it will come as the current TN post.

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