[time-nuts] PRS10 Information and help needed

Arnold Tibus arnold.tibus at gmx.de
Wed Feb 28 13:47:32 EST 2018

Hello fellow timenuts,

for my old PRS10 I need some information and help with technical 
I have this item bought quite some years ago and I have manufactured an 
interface cable with the special connector last year. Did work fine. 
Taken out of storage I do get anymore the lock and PPS signal out.
The 10 MHz output does look very good, the unloaded sine voltage is 2.8 
Vpp and the frequency is very precise and stable very close to the 
trimble thunderbolt GPS-out signal at abt. 10E-11.
In the annex you can see the data output with more delailed info.
Can somebody tell me more, is the life at the end and what and how can 
be done to revitalize this nice time machine? How much time more is 

kind regards,

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