[time-nuts] PRS10 Information and help needed

Peter Radig peter at radig.de
Wed Feb 28 16:25:43 EST 2018


This is my old PRS-10 after it kicked the bucket (two weeks after an SRS engineer predicted that it would go this way).

[Machine generated alternative text: Factory Settings  Analog Output Values  Ipps Control  sd0  sdl  sd2  sd3  sd4  sd5  sd8  sd7  R  N  A  SF  MO  PH  FC  149  128  255  150  178  130  100  185  8293  3537  4  -813  1440  2737  2579  o  7  24  2117.01  -1.0  Step Rec. Diode  Delay Value  Fet Voltage Set  Lamp Temp. Set  Crystal T emp. Set  Cell Temp. set  Output Voltage  RF Modulation  SP Param. (PLL)  Set Frequency  Set Slope  Mag. Offset  Mag. Read  Mag. Switching  Lock  Gain  Phase  Enable Power  1 OMHz DAC  Signal Values  ad0  adl  ad2  • ad3  ad4  ad5  ad8  ad8  adl 0  adl 1  adl 2  • ad13  adl 4  ad15  adl 8  adl 8  ad13  0.005  2.321  2.321  1.57  0.328  2.011  2.337  0.037  2.587  0.005  0.827  o. 968  0.970  o. 771  1.483  0.005  1.090  2.880  1.710  4.900  Spare  +24 Volt Heat.  +24 Volt Elec.  Lamp Drain  Lamp Gate  Crystal Heat Ctrl  Cell Heat Ctrl  Lamp Heat Ctrl  AC Photosignal  Photocell IN  Case Temp.  Xtal Thermistors  Cell T hermistors  Lamp Thermistors  Frequency Pot  Analog Ground  22M H z Varactor  Auto Gain Ctrl  RF Lock  TO  TS  PS  PI  TT  -1782  13972  190  8  2  Time Offset  Time Slope  Pulse Slope  Phase Lock  Time Constant  Stability Factor  Integral Term  Lock Mode  Last Valid Tag]

And this is the replacement after some months of operations, sync to the 1PPS of a Thunderbolt-E:

[cid:image004.jpg at 01D3B0E3.047927B0]

Hope this helps,


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