[time-nuts] Skilled Math Editor(s) Needed

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jan 3 02:12:19 EST 2018

It was not my intent to suggest that Perry should continue the work using Latex.

I was merely considering the most effective and efficient way to complete this undertaking, whoever elects to pick it up.

The original is written in English so an extensive knowledge of French isn't required.

At 616 pages (according to the Amazon listing), or 1567 pages ( according to the google books entry)  the task isn't perhaps quite as daunting as I originally thought. 

Even so it may take 1-2 years at 3 pages/day.


>     On 03 January 2018 at 19:27 Bill Hawkins <bill.iaxs at pobox.com> wrote:
>     Friends in time,
>     Perry has apparently reached a major change in his life, perhaps because
>     of a doctor's diagnosis - but there are zillions of other reasons. It
>     seems to me that he is looking for someone to pick up his project and
>     run with it.
>     Advising him on the ways he could continue is probably not useful. He
>     needs someone to take the baton and take it further.
>     I say this as one who has downsized by 75% in order to move into a life
>     care community after my wife and I had cancer scares and no long term
>     care insurance.
>     A cousin was the copy editor for Gone With the Wind and other Doubleday
>     books. I seem to have inherited some of those genes. But I can't tell a
>     bad equation from a good one, and my French ended in High School.
>     Happy new year to the best list on the Internet.
>     Bill Hawkins
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