[time-nuts] HP nixie counters, free!

Bob Albert bob91343 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 14:41:07 EST 2018

 Scott, it's a shame to trash those great counters.  I gave away two of them a while back; one is missing a decade counter so I'd be interested in replacing that.  The oven assembly is a great unit as well.  Plug-ins are nice too, especially the one that goes to 500 MHz.
Those counters were manufactured for many years and come in a wide variety of iterations.  Mine use many germanium transistors, lately having become unobtainium.
Bob in Los Angeles
    On Friday, January 5, 2018, 11:28:29 AM PST, David Scott Coburn <scotttt at optonline.net> wrote:  
 Hi All,

I have some old HP nixie tube counters (5245Ls) which I would like to give away to a good home.  See the attached photo.  (Sorry for the poor quality.)

Some of them power on, some of them do not.  I don't think any of them actually work correctly.  They would be good for parts.

I am giving these away for free to anyone who is interested.

I would rather not have to box these up and ship them.  I am located on Long Island (NY) and would be willing to drive them part way (within reason!) to meet if you are willing.

I tried Craig's list with no luck.  I do not want the hassle of eBay.

If no one is interested I will probably tear them down and get the various parts into the right metal recycling bins at the landfill (sadly).


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