[time-nuts] Time stamp degradation being added in javascript

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jan 7 09:53:52 EST 2018

From: David

Possibly not of immediate concern to time-nuts but an article had some
trigger words for them in the initial fixes to the much publicised
problems with Intel/AMD/ARM etc :

"After these changes, the time stamp returned by |performance.now| will
be less precise due to lower resolution. Some browsers are going a step
further and degrade the accuracy by adding a random jitter."


meltdown/spectre background


This API appears only to affect browsers.

On my Windows systems most have been patched, and I see no visible 
difference on either PPS-synced, LAN-synched or Wi-Fi devices as recorded by 
NTP.  One PC showed an increase in CPU usage, but other PCs performing 
similar tasks have not.  That same PC showed a doubling of jitter from less 
than 2 microseconds to less than 4 microseconds.  It's an i5-4460 Haswell 


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