[time-nuts] LED replacement screen for 53131A 53132A!!??

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 7 14:58:08 EST 2018

I never decided on a particular display to use.  I was thinking along the lines of 192x32 LCD displays.  LEDs could be used, but I didn't see any alphanumeric LEDs on Ebay that were small enough.  I didn't check places like Digikey.  Also, doing the annunciators with LEDs adds some complexity (like doing a mask for regular LEDs... I would use something laser cut... maybe via those cheap stainless steel sold paste stencil services.

The replacement front panel board has been a back-burner project for when/if my display crapped out.  Since I now have some VFDs (and if they work) it's an even more back-burner project.  It's definitely doable and should not be too difficult.

By the time I found the displays on Ebay, the guy had sold out.  I sent him a message and he did still have some.  He is in Germany and the cost worked out to around $200 for two displays shipped.  Here is the original listing.  His email address is towards the bottom of the listing.


I saw a comment that there might be an aftermarket display that has recently been built (like the replacement VFD displays available from China for the HP benchtop DMMs).


Hi Mark - will it drive LEDs?  Are you going to build some of these up?  Are there more VFDs available on eBay?

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