[time-nuts] Identify RFTGM-II-XO Part

Patrick Murphy fgdhrtey at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 00:33:33 EST 2018

My recently purchased RFTGm-II-XO threw a fault today. When I opened it,
the unmistakable smell of something way too hot was released. I guess this
is one bad aspect of the totally sealed enclosures these come in. Anyway,
when I plugged it in while open, I found U105, the microwave transistor
about centered in the attached photo was getting way too hot. It appears to
be an unmarked microwave transistor, probably part of the 15MHz output
circuit. VR101 - a 7815 on the far right is also getting pretty hot. I
expect the two are connected.

Anyone have an idea of what the nomenclature for U105 is? Replacing it may
be a pipe dream, but knowing its name will be a good first step.

Thanks for any assist.

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