[time-nuts] LPFRS and LPRO signal breakout adapter

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 16 22:57:55 EST 2018

I have completed a layout for the signal adapter board to connect an LPFRS or LPRO compatible  rubidium oscillator (or any general purpose Rb) to my X72 BNC connector/RS232 board
The LPFRS is a small rubidium oscillator.  It is usually sold mounted on a heatsink with a small board that provides an LPRO compatible connector, except it replaces the lamp and xtal voltage monitoring pins with a serial interface.  

My interface board can replace the LPFRS board or it can be connected via the LPRO connectors.  It has support for an EFC voltage setting pot that provides 0-5V  (or you can use the EFC input BNC on the connector board).  It also has a PICDIV chip for generating a 1PPS output.  When used with the LPRO or an oscillator that does not have a serial port (or you don''t want to use the LPFRS serial port) the board also has a place for a PICPET timestamping time interval counter chip.
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