[time-nuts] Time interval measurement vs dual mixer method

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   Hi Slawek,
   I have tried two versions of DMTD and I think the biggest problem with this method is the fact that two measures made on the same DUT  never coincide.
   The DMTD suffers from time wrap and the measurement results are linked to the time difference presetted by  t1 and t2.
   At the moment I am using the TICC with good results, attached to the noise floor.
   I think that in order to have a better resolution we need to focus on a recent production
   error multiplier such as the A7 of Quartzlock or a similar one to be self-constructing.

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   Oggetto [time-nuts] Time interval measurement vs dual mixer method

   Hello to the group!

   Have you ever measured frequency standard (or other precision oscillator) simultanously by time interval method (difference between 1 pps ref and 1 pps DUT) and dual mixer method (e.q. with phase/frequency comparator)? I'm very interested in results.


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