[time-nuts] minimalist sine to square

Robert LaJeunesse lajeunesse at mail.com
Sun Jan 21 13:31:23 EST 2018

How about using a single 8-pin DIP IC that is under $2.50? The Microchip MIC4422AYN "gate driver" takes a 3.3V signal in and produces a fast rail-to-rail output swing, with a 4.5V to 18V supply range. Typical output resistance is sub 1 Ohm, so not a problem driving a series back-terminated 50 Ohm load. Note the 4422's rise and fall times are specified with a 10,000pF load, given the primarily resistive load in this case the rise and fall should be sub 10 ns (per p.5 of the data sheet). But do use beefy lo-Z traces and hefty broadband supply bypassing, the MIC4422 can pump up to 9A into its intended load.

Bob L.

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> Now that I had the input conditioned, I need to drive a 50ohm load with the signal coming from the PICDIV.  Can someone point me at a circuit using transistors and 10V if possible?
> I am trying to duplicate one channel of the TADD2 so I can bring 10Mhz down to 10Khz.
> Thanks
> Jerry

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