[time-nuts] RE CSAC Project(was CSAC purchase)

Ronald Held ronaldheld at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 19:40:16 EST 2018

    Good to keep in mind before I decide what to do.


 The original RbXO was not a whole lot bigger than the Rb. The CSAC
 is a *lot* smaller than the Rb’s of that era. The TCXO’s and OCXO’s today
 are a lot smaller as well. I’d bet you could do it in < 2X the volume of the
 CSAC with a pretty good OCXO and < 1.2X the volume with a precision TCXO.


On 1/23/18, Ronald Held <ronaldheld at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bob:
>   What is you idea of portable in terms of size and mass for RbXO?
>             Ronald
> Jim
>    I suppose I am try to do "better' and my TCXO watches which at best
> run around a second/year.
>     OCXO and TCXO are both available smaller than the CSAC (particularly
>  tcxo).  I'm using a vectron EX-421 OCXO and it's about 1cm on a side,
>  the OX205 is about 1" square and maybe 0.60" tall.
>  TCXOs are available in "cellphone" form factors (e.g. tiny SMT packages)
> Bob:
>   Long term, maybe a year, sounds like a reasonable goal. Maybe I am
> just chasing the next zero, if I have the metaphor correct?
>         Ronald
> Hi
>  I’m guessing there was a question to me that somehow got lost in the world
> of
>  ones and zeros ….
> My comment was in terms of temperature stability. The CSAC has a temp
> stability
>  specification of +/-4x10^-10 over -10 to +70C. There are TCXO’s that
> will get below
>  5x10^-9 over that range and use far less power. There are OCXO’s that will
> get
>  to better temperature stability numbers over that range.  Neither one
> will do the long
>  term aging that a Rb will.
>  Bob

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