[time-nuts] Slightly OT: interest in a four-output, ultra-low jitter, synthesizer block?

David fav whisky74656 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 17:22:33 EST 2018

I used to do SMT    If the solder paste does not absorb moisture when
stored it should be OK

People have had success with an iron frying pan on the stove .
I have used a hot air paint stripper gun with a metal funnel to re flow the
There cheap  SMT re work  stations on Alibaba now <$100

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 5:10 PM, Mark Sims <holrum at hotmail.com> wrote:

> OSHSTENCILS.COM sells stencils by the square inch. They have 4 mil
> stainless, 3 mil Kapton, and 5 mil Kapton... I usually use the stainless
> ones.    They also sell syringes of solder paste.   I keep mine in the
> fridge.    I have year old paste that works fine.   There are now pastes
> that do not require refrigeration... I don't know how good they are.
> QFN44 pads are spaced 0.5mm.  You don't have to get the chip set down
> perfectly.  Surface tension will align it when the solder melts.   I've
> hand placed chip scale packages with like .25mm pads.
> I use a modified toaster oven.   My temperature control PID is derived
> from Lady Heather's temperature control algorithm.   There are a LOT of
> Arduino, etc reflow oven controllers out there.
> ---------------------
> > Can anybody comment on the toaster oven approach?
> Is it practical for things like this?  How much does a solder mask cost?
> How
> much other stuff do I need?  Does the solder paste need to be refrigerated
> and other quirks like that?
> What are the chances of a newbie getting a 44-QFN right on the first try?
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