[time-nuts] CSAC Project(was CSAC purchase)

Ronald Held ronaldheld at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 18:19:25 EST 2018

     Hmm, I was kit thinking that way.   How rich could I get writing
an app that is only used for CSACs?  Seems a small market ,IMO.
Monitoring sounds easier thenSW to drive a display.

There's a half dozen serial ascii commands to the CSAC, and a
corresponding number of output messages. None are particularly "special"
- I can't imagine needing a "display" for the telemetry, except perhaps
as a novelty.

You'd want to periodically check the heater power, maybe?

I'd just expose a "diagnostic interface" on a CSAC based clock, and if
you want to fool with it (or change the frequency, etc.), you hook up
your external whatever.
LE Bluetooth Serial port perhaps?

You could write an App for a phone to talk to it, and I'm sure it will
be in the top10 on the iStore and GooglePlay within weeks. Your
retirement funding is assured. <grin>

   Sounds like a good idea. I have none,but some Time-nuts have more
than one.  Maybe one will loan one out?

  Now there is a snproblem, as I own  nothing more accurate  the data
dumping may prove usefulssni learn more.


Yes, I have set up a CPU to dump all the data from a CSAC. Everything
they list in their data sheet can easily be dumped via a standard UART
interface. The serial protocol works exactly the way they describe.

There is no “built in clock” so no ability to dump the time and date. You
can “improve” the frequency stability by sending whatever you want to the
tuning word. What you send and when you send it is entirely up to you.
The real issue is having something more accurate than the CSAC to
compare to when you do the frequency correction.


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