[time-nuts] CSAC Project(was CSAC purchase)

Ronald Held ronaldheld at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 19:45:56 EST 2018

Right now I own nothing that outputs a GPS PPS. GPS watches I own do
not have that option.   Maybe for infrequent resets, an independent
GPS unit is better from a design and construction POV?


 A GPS PPS output will (most likely) be more accurate than the CSAC
 each time you go back to dock with the charger. A GPS module to do
 everything you would ever want to do is a sub $100 sort of item. You
 would still need a bit of hardware to “glue” things together (but not a lot)
 and some code running on the MCU of your choice to supervise the process.

 Accuracy wise, a GPS PPS is *very* hard to beat.


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