[time-nuts] SA22.c (and other) interface boards

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 29 18:05:51 EST 2018

I got in my prototypes for the SA22.c interface board from OSHPARK.   It seems to be working well.   It has a square to sine wave filter (thanks Charles!) since the SA22 only outputs an ACMOS square wave.  There is tiny but of fuzz on the peaks of the sine wave.   There is a jumper for routing the ACMOS signal to the connector board,  but doing that distorts the sine wave (the X72 does the same thing, Symmeticom engineer said not to use both outputs.

I also did a board for the LPFRS/LPRO/OCXOs and just finished a layout for the EG&G TS-RFS rubidium.  These boards have a PICDIV for doing a 1PPS output and a PICPET for implementing a 100 ns res timestamping counter.    I have modified the connector board to support SMA connectors and 24V devices.

 I have the SRO100/SRO70 interface boards in and assembled.

Board should be going to China PCB fab house this week.

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