[time-nuts] nuts about position

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 00:32:02 EDT 2018

Heather now requests the RAW and RAWX messages... those output carrier phase, doppler, and pseudo ranges.    The M8N does not support either, but the M8T supports RAWX.

Heather now requests the SFRB and SFRBX messages... those output the satellite navigation messages.     All the M8's output SFRBX.

I cranked up the M8N baud rate to 115200 and the receiver can handle all the various raw messages....  But the bugaboo is requesting the TRK-MEAS and TRK-SFRBX messages.   The messages are not officially supported, Ublox forbids talking about them on their forums... they might even dispatch Ninja assassins if you talk about them.   If you request those messages on the M8N very bad things seem to happen...  you start receiving messages 0x27-0x00 with a length of either 68 bytes or around 1300-1400 bytes.  Whatever 0x27-0x00 is, nobody's talking...  The 0x27 message group is for security features like chip serial numbers.

I have an M8T on the way from Germany...


> I think heather is parsing the UBX_RAW_RATE messages for the
raw GPS meansurements.  The LEA-6T allows UBX_RAW_RATE, but the
NEO-M8N does not.

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