[time-nuts] nuts about position (cheap receiver)

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu May 3 11:34:52 EDT 2018

On 5/3/18 8:09 AM, Bob kb8tq wrote:
> Hi
> The sites are aimed at improving position information. To the degree that having an
> accurate location for your antenna improves timing, simply doing that is a step forward
> for your GPSDO.
> Most sites also will give you information that shows the timing solution at a given point
> in time. To the degree that you can connect that to prior data it could be useful. There
> are more than a few steps involved in getting this to work.

The JPL processing chain gives not only more accurate positions vs time, 
but also estimates of clock error vs time, if that's in the data stream 
being processed.

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